DIRECTOR: Ben Lewis EXECUTIVE PRODUCER(s): Teddy Leifer, John Stack & Trevor Birney  WRITER(s): Ben Lewis & Matt Edmuds PRODUCTION YEAR: 2015

A comic British crime caper and classic heist movie, but in this movie the heist IS the movie. A bankrupt Jordanian entrepreneur and an unemployed Irish actress hatch a plan to scam £2.5m off the British taxman by faking the production of a £20m movie. But they are found out, arrested and then bailed. While out on bail, they decide to prove their innocence by actually making a film. They hire a former nightclub bouncer, now a self-made micro-budget gangster film director. In 2011, Paul Knight makes their movie for under £100,000 with a cast of soap and gangster movie stars including Danny Midwinter, Marc Bannerman and Loose Women's Andrea McLean. The film's title is A Landscape of Lies. But the cinematic alibi does not convince the jury when the case goes to trial in 2013. 

Director: Ben Lewis  Executive Producers for Rise Films: Teddy Leifer, John Stack